I could really use one of these new toys everyone is calling netbooks.

The Dell Inspiration Mini 9

I’ve been looking at some options, and I’m quite liking the new Dell Inspiration Mini 9. One big plus for me is that it’s available on a Ubuntu flavor, in which I will be much more comfortable, comparing with the Xandros distribution that comes with the Eee PC, or the Linpus that comes with the One. I admit the battery life could be a little better, but it’s reasonable, given the size and weight of the thing (and the price tag, of course).

I’m not finding a store in Portugal that sells the Mini 9, nor one that may ship them here (anyone knows of such a place?). I could risk buying one online, if I could somehow get a portuguese keyboard layout too.

There are US prices available, for different configurations:

Storage RAM OS Price (USD)
4GB 512MB Ubuntu $349
4GB 512MB Windows n/a
8GB 512MB Ubuntu $384
8GB 512MB Windows $399
16GB 1GB Ubuntu $449
16GB 1GB Windows $449

I wonder why isn’t there a different price between the Ubuntu and Windows version on the 16GB/1GB configuration…

Anyhow, if it all goes as usual, prices in Europe will unfortunately be higher than these :\