This blog has faded away, and twitter sort of became my voice to the world, but I have no intentions of closing it down just yet. As some say, hope is the last to die, which might explain why I still believe I will manage to post here some thoughts over the next months.

What has been keeping me so busy you ask? My job and my PhD research are the main culprits. I’ve lost count on the number times my thesis title has changed, but I’m pretty confident I’ve finally reached one with which I can reasonably see where I’m heading, and with which I am pretty sure to enjoy the ride. I hope I’ll be ready to give you more details soon :)

But the last few weeks, my mind has also been somewhere else. I’ve been organizing an event on Agile Software Development — Agile Portugal 2010. This will be the biggest event of the kind in Portugal that I have memory of, and putting it together has been quite an endeavor, but an incredibly fun one. I’m very excited about the program and the invited speakers we already have on board, and it keeps getting better and better.

If you want to be part of this great event, you can do it either as a speaker or a participant. The Call for Speakers and the early registration period will be open until the next June 5th.