Uma leitura interessante, o último artigo do Paul Graham (como muitos dos artigos dele o são), no qual reflecte sobre os efeitos de trabalhar numa empresa grande, ou numa empresa pequena.

Muitas destas ideias vão muito ao entro à minha opinião sobre estes assuntos, e têm tudo a ver com agilidade.

The restrictiveness of big company jobs is particularly hard on programmers, because the essence of programming is to build new things. Sales people make much the same pitches every day; support people answer much the same questions; but once you’ve written a piece of code you don’t need to write it again. So a programmer working as programmers are meant to is always making new things. And when you’re part of an organization whose structure gives each person freedom in inverse proportion to the size of the tree, you’re going to face resistance when you do something new.

There is one thing companies can do short of structuring themselves as sponges: they can stay small. If I’m right, then it really pays to keep a company as small as it can be at every stage. Particularly a technology company. Which means it’s doubly important to hire the best people. Mediocre hires hurt you twice: they get less done, but they also make you big, because you need more of them to solve a given problem.