No contexto da iniciativa de criar em Portalegre um polo de desenvolvimento de jogos de computador e um parque temático, vai decorrer, de 26 a 30 de Setembro, a GAMES 2006.

GAMES 2006 is the first International event focused on the Digital Games thematic promoted by APROJE, aiming to congregate Games Industry people, academics from Universities, and free lancers, around a common goal: "To cooperate in the Creative International Competitive Games Industry". To achieve this, GAMES 2006 will promote a major discussion between game producers and game/technology researchers and students.

Os principais objectivos são:

  • Track the creative, artistic and technological capacity in the area
  • Promote the creation and production of new ideas for games
  • Provide incentives to full cooperation between academics and the industry
  • Develop an international network of experts in digital games